Easter in a Jar

this is not an original idea….I stole the concept and modified it to suit my own agenda…..I love the idea of Peeps behind glass…I saw a multitude of these on the internet…all intended as Bunny Smores….chocolate candies, marshmallow Peeps, and some sort of graham cracker type substance stuffed inside…….I can’t be bothered with all that, but I was FRUITY happy with the idea of Mason jars repurposed as a goody bag…..I bought all the supplies at Wally and decided that these darn jars hold an awful lot of candy, so I had to go back…TWICE….and I can’t stay out of the PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s….so that caused supply issues as well……Pint jars next time!   this is the process if anyone actually needs to know:

gather supplies…..women are inherently hunter gatherers…just ask any random woman where to get anything….

wash and dry jars….because

sort candies in separate dishes…this helps with design

spray paint the lids and bands with primer and then a couple of coats of color…do this outside…find a tomcat to help

fill jars with layers of candies defined by color or type or not at all

cut a small square of cute calico fabric approximately 4×4…..(something called Fat Quaters)   .97 at Wally in the craft aisle…use pinking shears if you are a freak like me and own such a tool

place the lid on the jar…add the fabric square and then screw on the band

add a darn cute bow….deliver to your buds and all the kiddos


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4 thoughts on “Easter in a Jar

  1. Vanessa on said:

    Margie, this is so adorable! I wish you were closer so I could be on the receiving end of one of these!

  2. Honey…you and Todd would SO be on the list…mailing is not an option…I sent one to my Mom because I knew it would make her laugh and it cost 25 bucks!….ah, she’s worth it!

  3. I love this idea. thanks for sharing. the little birds and rabbits are so cute. We’ve been getting really exited about easter too. You might like our special easter hot cross bun post including a recipe!

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